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Architectural And Real Estate LED Lighting Applications


In the world of architecture and real estate, design and function are everything. Ledonix LED lighting products were created with those two elements in mind. With super slim footprints our products are capable of fitting into any space. They are energy efficient and LEED conscious making them both energy efficient and eco-friendly. With a wide range of uses our LED light panels and light bars can be used for everything from lighting stairs to ceiling, under cabinet lighting, dance floor and other flooring applications and much more. To discover some of the many architectural and real estate uses of Ledonix LED lighting products please click one of the images below.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR PROPERTY OWNERS/MANAGERS: Use Ledonix LED light panels and LED light bars to light your hallways and other spaces reducing your lamp replacement costs and hydro usage in addition to air conditioning costs as a result of low heat emission.

Ledonix LED Light Panel Ledonix LED Light Panel Ledonix LED Light Panel Ledonix LED Light Panel


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