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LED Light Bars


Ledonix LED light bars have been designed to integrate super-high intensity LED lights into a super slim extruded aluminum channel which features built-in magnets and mounting brackets at each end making installation quick and simple. With their low profile, ultra slim design they are an ideal solution for illuminating around objects and floor edges as well as under mounting on cabinetry, glass display cases and more.

Our LED light bars are available in a variety of standard lengths including 11", 22", 33", 44" and 55". They can also be built to custom sizes in order to fit your specific application. For more details about custom sizes please contact Ledonix.

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Some of the key features and benefits of our
LED light boxes include:

  • High Luminance and low power consumption
  • Long life & Maintenance free
  • None glare and heatless operation
  • Can be dimmed using Ledonix dimmer controller
  • Daisy chain or spider connection for increased lengths and flexibility
  • Quick & Easy installation with magnet or adhesive transfer tape
  • Ultra thin design take up very little space
  • Easy to adjust angle using angle control plate
  • Shock and Vibration proof
  • Available in coloured versions for architectural or design applications

Ledonix ultra think LED light bars are great for use in variety of applications including:

  • Display under lighting
  • Cabinetry lighting
  • Product accent lighting
  • Indirect lighting
  • And many more...
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