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Considered to be the next generation light box. LED light boxes combine our ultra thin and powerful edge lit LED light panels with our popular Snap Frame systems to create a powerful light box solution that is light weight and easy to handle, but most importantly is cost effective to manage and provides a tangible return on your investment. With their low power requirements and thin design they are an ideal solution for a wide range of applications from signage to menu boards and even architectural design and in-store free standing displays.

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Some of the key features and benefits of our
LED light boxes include:

  • Extended life (50,000-70,000 hours)
  • Even illumination - reducing hotspots
  • Easy to hang - no tools required
  • Built in heat sinks ensure maximum life expectancy
  • Ultra thin design means they can fit virtually anywhere
  • Work in both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Standard sizes designed to hold commonly accepted media formats including 13x17", 24x36" and more (custom sizes also available)
  • Light weight aluminum Snap Frame
  • Super fast media replacement times
  • Available in black and natural aluminum finishes
  • Single and double sided versions for free standing or hanging applications

Ledonix ultra think LED light boxes are great for use in variety of applications including:

  • Bus shelters and other transportation related media
  • Movie theatres
  • Backlit menu sign boards
  • Medical applications
  • Illuminated displays/out of home marketing
  • Free standing marketing displays using double sided LED light boxes
  • Lit shelving & retail applications
  • And many more...
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