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Constructed from high quality, high performance optical acrylic sheets our edge lit LED light panels feature a specially designed and patented V-CUT light distribution grid which allows the LED light source to be evenly distributed throughout our LED panels.

These ultra thin and ultra light weight LED light panels feature embedded heat-sinks and are only 8mm (0.31”) in thickness while producing light sources as bright as 2000 to 9000 Lumens (Lux). LED Panels are available in both standard and custom sizes ranging from 4"x4" all the way up to 48"x96" in size. In addition our edge lit LED light panels can be used in conjunction with our Snap Frame Systems or your existing frame systems making them an ideal replacement to traditional sinle and double sided light box technology.

Ledonix Edge Lit LED Light Panel 1 Ledonix Edge Lit LED Light Panel 2 Ledonix Edge Lit LED Light Panel 3 Ledonix Edge Lit LED Light Panel 4

Some of the key features and benefits of our
edge lit LED light panels include:

  • Extended life (50,000-70,000 hours)
  • Reduction in lamp replacement costs as a result of life span
  • Highly energy efficient (80 lumens per watt)
  • Fully dimmable
  • Minimal heat generation
  • No warm up or cool down time required
  • Natural colored light
  • Environmentally friendly (no mercury, cadmium or lead)
  • No infrared or UV radiation
  • LEED conscious lighting technology
  • Shock resistant

Sample examples of popular applications using our Ledonix
edge lit LED light panels:

  • Architectural/interior design & structural lighting (indoor/outdoor)
  • ATM/Vending machine lighting
  • Counter Top Lighting
  • Custom-shape lighting (including logos)
  • Directional signage
  • Floor lighting
  • Gaming machines & casino lighting
  • Graphic/poster Illumination
  • Illuminated displays/fixtures & shelf lighting
  • Menu boards
  • POP display lighting
  • And many more...
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