Snap Frame Systems By Ledonix


Ledonix snap frame systems are an effective way to display your message to the masses. Our snap frame systems are available in both standard and heavy duty for larger LED light panels. When used in conjunction with Ledonix LED light panels, they make for a rugged LED light box solution that is both durable and easy to change your media. Our snap frames can also be used for non-led lighting applications in commercial spaces where a durable frame, quick access frame is required.

Ledonix Edge Lit LED Light Panel Example 1Ledonix Snap Frame Systems Example 2 Ledonix LED Light Panel Ledonix LED Light Panel

Some of the key features and benefits of our
snap frame systems include:

  • Light weight and easy to assemble
  • Loadable from all 4 sides, making media replacement simple
  • Multi purpose (can be mounted on walls, easels or table top displays)
  • Available in black and natural aluminum finish
  • Great for retail environments, public spaces including malls, transit systems and more
  • Standard and custom sizes are available


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